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Our Mission.

Our Company Mission:

OkSessions loves to make things. Through media content, performances, and new idea spaces we create unique advertising opportunities that serve to benefit the community. We also help digital marketing clients build well-crafted campaigns and media content. Through everything, we build culture for music and arts to thrive. We do this by committing to foster the best in ourselves and those around us. We do our jobs better when our shared interests align in pursuit of a common goal. For us that is helping make Oklahoma great through growing and sustainable musicianship. Our clients thrive when they share in our vision as much as we believe in theirs.

Our Cultural Mission:

We are founded on the guiding principles that music itself is a means of change, and when artist collaborate and support each other new cultures are created. In the grander scheme, we’d like to change how music populates out cities and local life. For now, OkSessions is supporting artists, and creating and promoting events that push the scene forward. We want to bring unique and creative performance experiences for concert goers, and sustainable growth opportunities for local musicians. We believe smaller and local it quite often better; that there is unrivaled quality in the individual voices of smaller artists.

OkSessions Is Creating Unique Advertising Spaces Through Beautiful Content, Engaging Events, And Crazy Ideas.

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amplify ap

OkSessions Is An OKC Startup Creating Sustainable Musicianship Through Community Driven Solutions.

Artists need content and great promotion to thrive. But even the best artists can’t do everything alone. It takes videos, writing, promotion, seo, and well… a village. To help local music be better created, shared, supported, and well attended OkSessions is developing community driven applications. Amplify is a great place to start to share your music through our network.

We’re helping to build a stronger music scene in Oklahoma City and eventually for artists everywhere. We promote by developing better community structure, supported by technology, to help artists work together.

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